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4MCAD Classic 4MCAD Standard 4MCAD PRO AutoCAD Full AutoCAD LT
Native .dwg file support
*.dwg file support for v2.5 up to Latest Version    
Classic Toolbars and Ribbon GUI support
MicroStation *.dgn native Open file support    
Open/Save - Supports *.dwg, *.dxf, *,dwf, *.dxb & *.dwt file extensions
Export - Supports 2D/3D *.pdf, *.svg, *,dwf, *.bmp, *.emf, *.wmf, *.dwf & *.stl file extensions
Import - Supports 3D Collada *.dae    
Import/Export - Supports ACIS 3D Solids *.sat  
STEP & IGES Import/Export       
Vectored PDF files Import for direct editing
BIM support *.ifc, *.rvt/*.rfa          
Attach point cloud .rcp/.rcs files.    
Support for command Line
Support for 3D surface commands  
Facet Modeler for lightweight 3D drawings.  
Support for 3D Solids modeling        
Architectural entities such as walls, windows, doors, openings, stairs, railings & slabs, etc.          
Block Library with up to 1000 blocks        
CTB color table files / STB style table files
3D PDF  Export
3D Printing files  
Printing, Publishing with eTransmit
Autodesk Development System (ADS) support
Object IRX for custom entity creation
AutoCAD software menu (.mnu) and script (.scr) files
Object IRX for custom entity creation
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - VBA 7.1  
Raster Image Support (See full list of supported image file extensions)      
Work with Multiple Open Drawing
Explorer for managing layers, block, line types, and more
Express tools  
Tool palettes
Microsoft .NET 4.5 API  
Script Recorder  
Graphical Block Preview
Dynamic input
Find and replace blocks  
PDF to DWG Add-on module  (convert PDF files to DWG files)        
Advanced Photo-realistic 3D Rendering       
Block Library Manager            
Trval licenecia    
Cena bez DPH 125 170  270  Predplatn Predplatn


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